пятница, 10 февраля 2012 г.

Costa Tropical Hotel



gift shop

restaurant + bar

2nd floor - rooms

room 1

room 2

room 3

type - hotel
archive - 92,7 Mb

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  1. I hope you can read english because I need to know what games you used when you made the Costa Tropic Hotel? I have all the expansion packs but Im missing some stuff packs so If you give me your list I can download the packs I'm missing so that I can download your hotel because it's soooooooo beautiful. Thank you so much. Luisa

    1. Thank you very much for your words ^) Yes, I can)I have all the expansion packs and stuff packs:
      Family Fun Stuff
      Glamour Life Stuff
      Happy Holiday Stuff
      Celebration! Stuff
      H&M Fashion Stuff
      Teen Style Stuff
      Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff
      IKEA Home Stuff
      Mansion & Garden Stuff

      use this program - Sims2Pack Clean Installer, Here are the instruction - http://www.all4sims.de/board/thread.php?threadid=345

      sorry my english)

  2. Wonderful, it's the Happy Holiday stuff that I don't have. I will run out and get it. Thank you for sharing this beautiful creation.

  3. Hello again,
    I hate to bother but I now have all sims2 packs installed on my computer but I still get an error message when I click on the sim2pack file, it says: THIS CONTENT REQUIRES EXPANSION PACK DATA THAT IS NOT INSTALLED. I have every game ever made for sims 2 installed, do you know why I get this message?

  4. Замечательный лот! Скажи пожалуйста, как ты сделала море таким реалистичным? Заранее спасибо.